International Women’s Day is March 8th with the theme, “Choose to Challenge.” This year I join my sisters across the country and choose to challenge, and call out, gender bias and inequality. “We choose to celebrate women’s achievements!” We want an inclusive world! We want gender equity!

International Women’s Day…

They are not synonymous! But both are very important!

First, consider your own worth and value in the workplace.

Your worth is the amount of money you expect to receive for your level of training and experience, perhaps your business contacts or other attributes you bring with you. …

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During these times of uncertainty and anxiety, there are some things we can do to take control of our lives…at least our professional lives.

Whatever your field and whatever level you are in an organization, there is one BIG thing you can do for yourself that will open up doors…

Your Personal Brand Story

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I always ask women about their personal brand. “What are you known for?” And I generally get a look of confusion. Then I get answers all over the map, but nothing truly resembling a personal brand.

So, I suggest beginning with a story. Why? Because storytelling is so powerful. It…

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Men rule the world……or so it seems when the lion’s share of men sit in the executive suite across America. And in 2018, the share of female CEOs in the Fortune 500 dropped by 25% and now make up less than 5% of all CEOs. Crazy, right?

That means we…

Jan Molino

President & CEO of Aspire Ascend- offering board development and career-building services and platform for greater visibility of women's leadership.

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